Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Movie Drinking Games Project

Recently I was curious about about the drinking games created for several different movies, so I dug some up, and as I did so I began to wonder if there were any drinking games for Jekyll and Hyde movie adaptations. After a good bit of searching on google, I had found not even one.

So, I decided that it was only right that at least a few Jekyll and Hyde drinking games be put together by someone, and I might as well be that someone. At least for the moment (if anyone else wants to do this, they can go right ahead!).

So, in the future whenever I have the time, I plan to watch a new Jekyll and Hyde adapted film with an eye open for drink-worthy patterns, lines and events, and compile a list of some of the best rules I came up with to share here. If all goes according to plan, I'll compile individual drinking games for each Jekyll and Hyde film I watch, but I'll also work on a general Jekyll and Hyde drinking game that can be applied to most adapted films, if you want to play a drinking game for a movie I haven't made individual rules for yet.

If anyone else would like to assist me in the creation of these drinking games, either the general one or the individual ones, I would be more than happy to accept help in this endeavor. While I love Jekyll and Hyde, I also have a lot of other projects I'm working on at this moment. If more people help, more can be gotten done, and a lot more fun can be had by all!

I am just about finished with my first J&H drinking game, and I will be posting it here shortly.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a young illustrator working on an illustrated book about Dr. Jekyll & Mr; Hyde, and I found your blog very interesting...If your a "weird" fan" of the Stevenson's book maybe you should have a look at my work ^^ It's my first book, and a it's a real pleasure to illustrate stevenson's short story !