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Finding Jekyll and Hyde material on the web can be a lengthy and arduous task, which is why this page has been created to organize and share some relevent material that the internet has to offer. Provided here is an ever-expanding list of Jekyll and Hyde resources, from texts to song lyrics, recorded performances, related audio tracks, fan sites, history, even feature-length films. I hope fans of Jekyll and Hyde find it is useful and informative.

Resource Pages:

Books, Dramas and Texts
Full-Length Movies and Videos
Comics and Graphic Novels
Audio, Radio and Music
Articles and Comprehension Guides
Miscellaneous and Games

Resource Submission:
If you know of a resource that is not already mentioned on these pages, please take a moment to fill out the following form and send it to me!

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(Please Note: we may slightly edit the contents of your submission. If you have a problem with what we have changed, just drop us a note, and we will do our best to accommodate you.)