Friday, August 12, 2011

The (1931, Fredric March) Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Movie Drinking Game

This is, to the best of my knowledge, the first ever Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-related drinking game, specifically tailored for the 1931 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde film starring Fredric March. When you next watch this movie, whether you're by yourself or with some friends, take up a glass and drink along! 

(Warning: playing this game may cause participants to temporarily transform into ugly, hairy, ape-like douchebag versions of themselves. By playing this game, you agree to absolve the Jekyll and Hyde Laboratory of all responsibility for your transformation and anything you might do while in a transformed state.)

You can find out more about the idea for the creation of this drinking game here, or continue reading below to learn the rules of the game. If anyone has any questions, would like to suggest a new rule for the game, or wants to name a particular Jekyll and Hyde film that they would like a drinking game to be made for, leave a comment below! Anonymous comments are enabled.

Basic Category:
These rules are those that occur neither too frequently or infrequently throughout the film, and ought to make for a fun, well-balanced drinking game. However, if you feel like this is too simple, there are more rules that you can decide to add to these featured in the Optional rule category below.

Basic Rules:

Take a drink whenever....
...You see a horse-drawn carriage.
...You see a human skeleton.
...Anyone drinks anything (take a big dramatic swig if it's Jekyll/Hyde taking the transformation potion)
...You see fire (lit candles only count if seen up close).
...The camera switches between being 3rd person perspective and 1st person perspective.
...A fade-over transition is used (drink twice if the fade is drawn out for more than a few seconds).
...A wipe-over transition is used (drink twice if the wipe pauses, splitting the screen between 2 shots).
...Anyone says any of these words: "science" "good" "evil" or "experiment".
...Anyone says "Jekyll" or "Hyde".
...Anyone is killed.
...Anyone is kissed.

Optional Category:
These are rules that I came up with and thought were fun, but that I decided were too vague, or happened too often or too little to really fall into either the basic or hardcore rule sections. You can choose to follow any of these rules that you fancy, but you don't have to use any of them.

Optional Rules:

Take a drink whenever...
...You see a statue of a human bust or head.
...You see a small human-shaped statuette.
...Jekyll uses his pipe.
...Jekyll is wearing his dressing gown.
...The camera focuses on Jekyll/Hyde's hands.
...Hyde speaks about or to Ivy using metaphors/similes/nicknames related to birds.
...Hyde acts like a giant creeper (the creepier he is, the more you drink).
...Poole acts disgustingly devoted to Dr. Jekyll.
...Anyone says “Lanyon” “Utterson” or “Carew”.
...Anyone looks into a mirror.
...Hyde says "gentleman".
...Anyone says "love".
...Ivy sings.
...there is epic cleavage. (you'll know it when you see it).

Hardcore Category:
These events all occur pretty frequently in the movie, so these rules are only to be taken on by those who want to get drunk very fast, and/or don't mind taking many trips to the restroom. If you do decide to go hardcore, I would recommend that, for the sake of your health (especially if you're drinking alcoholic substances), you choose only 1 rule to follow from this category, and drink with discretion. Taking small sips of your drink at each occurrence, rather than larger mouthfuls, would also be advisable.

Hardcore Rules:

Take a drink whenever...
...You see someone who has a moustache.
...You see someone wearing a top hat.
...You see a candle or candelabra (lit or unlit).
…Anyone says “sir”.

I hope that the next time you watch this classic film, you'll take up a cup, a glass or an ominously steaming beaker of your favorite beverage and drink along!

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