Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. Hyde and Dr... What?

Marvel apparently created a villain based off of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which would have been totally cool with me, except they decided to name him "Calvin Zabbo".

"Soon, the world will fear to even utter the name of Zabbo!"

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde and Why I Love the Internet

So I've been figuring out which Jekyll and Hyde movies I should buy and which ones I could possibly get through various other methods, and one of the movies I'd heard good things about and was considering purchasing is Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde. Before I decided whether or not to purchase the DVD, I went to see if the internet would provide it for me. And lo, it did!

To view it, all you need is Divx Player, which is free, and you can watch the entire movie of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Black, all in one part, online! No ads or surveys or nothin'.

Despite how cheesy the title is, and how bad the makeup is for Hyde, it's actually quite a good movie. I'll give it a more in-depth review later, but for now, sleep!

Jekyll and Hyde - Songs That Fit

I am about to introduce you to a recent project of mine, which is the partial reason for my spastic collecting of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movies - I secretly really want to make some JH AMVs (I know it means Anime Music Video but it's the widely recognized term for all fan-made music videos). So I've been prepping to make the them - over the past year I've been going through my movies one by one and chopping them up into clips for AMV use.

Recently, I've also begun to look for music that suits the emotions and messages and tones of Jekyll and Hyde, to put as music in a music video. So on this blog, I shall be sharing the songs I think are perfect for JH AMV usage, and if anyone has some song suggestions I would totally love it.

Songs that Fit: Three Day's Grace Edition...