Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. Hyde and Dr... What?

Marvel apparently created a villain based off of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which would have been totally cool with me, except they decided to name him "Calvin Zabbo".

"Soon, the world will fear to even utter the name of Zabbo!"


... Really? Reeeaaaally??

Out of all the names you could have chosen for him, why those? For first names, you could have chosen an esteemed-sounding name like Alexander or a distinguished name like Victor, or you could have just "referenced" the original story and gone with Harry or Henry. Heck, you could have named him Louis or Robert after RLS! Calvin is only a step or two up from naming him something truly mundane like Billy-Bob or Ricky or Jimmy.

For last names, you could have thought of anything, anything but "Zabbo". It's not hard to think of something better - if you were really lazy, you could have turned to last names that have been given to other not-called-Jekyll-but-it's-still-him-we-just-want-to-avoid-copyright-issues-characters, such as Marlowe (from I, Monster) or Cordelier (from Le Testement du Docteur Cordelier).

But nope, you had to give him a name too ridiculous for an off-brand cereal mascot. Nice.

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