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Jekyll and Hyde - Songs That Fit

I am about to introduce you to a recent project of mine, which is the partial reason for my spastic collecting of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movies - I secretly really want to make some JH AMVs (I know it means Anime Music Video but it's the widely recognized term for all fan-made music videos). So I've been prepping to make the them - over the past year I've been going through my movies one by one and chopping them up into clips for AMV use.

Recently, I've also begun to look for music that suits the emotions and messages and tones of Jekyll and Hyde, to put as music in a music video. So on this blog, I shall be sharing the songs I think are perfect for JH AMV usage, and if anyone has some song suggestions I would totally love it.

Songs that Fit: Three Day's Grace Edition...

What can I say - the band Three Day's Grace seems to have some sort of psychic link with my needs that makes them churn out songs that go perfectly with Jekyll and Hyde. Their songs are intense and full of just the rights amount of regret, anger, energy and angst. So, here are some of my top favorite JH songs made by Three Day's Grace.

Song 1: Animal I Have Become
by Three Days Grace

Animal I Have Become is one of the more classic and obviously suitable of the songs I have picked out from Three Days Grace. The name tells you all you need to make the connection to J&H. the lyrics are filled with wonderful pscyhological anguish as if attuned to Jekyll. Just read this sampling of the lyrics (I pretty just took out the end of the song, which was all repeats of these anyways).

Listen to Animal I Have Become on the Myspace Player 
I can't escape this hell / so many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare,
I can't control myself!

So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe / it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal
(This animal, this animal)

I can't escape myself / So many times I've lied,
But there's still rage inside.
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself!
As I said, it's like it's made just for Jekyll as he is portrayed in almost any adaptation, so you can put clips from pretty much any JH movie to it. It's very versatile.

Song 2: Running Away
by Three Days Grace

This song, at least to me, fits absolutely perfectly with Jekyll's relationship with Mary Reilly from the movie named, well, Mary Reilly (for those who don't know of it, it's a film done from the point of view of Jekyll's maid).

In the film, Jekyll secretly loves Mary and yet finds himself unable to 'fess up. However, Hyde is totally cool with expressing his desire for her. Mary, meanwhile, loves Jekyll but knows they've got no chance of making an affair work (inter-class relations are forbidden and all that), and she is both fearful of and aroused by tall, dark and mysterious Hyde. Over the course of the movie, Mary proves herself to be astonishingly insightful and intelligent for a mere maid, and as she gets to know both of them more and more she begins to almost subconsciously pick up on their secret, even while Jekyll acts to hide it from her.

Does this song do justice to Jekyll's feelings for Mary? I think so, but I'll let you decide for yourself.

Listen to Running Away on Youtube
Thinking to myself
That I have done something wrong
That I have crossed the line
Have you found out this time
I lead you to believe / it's only you and me
Do you see it in my eyes? Have you found out this time?

You see right through me
'Cause you're running away
You keep turning your back on me
I tried so hard / but you're running away
Please don't turn your back on me

I'm drinking by myself / I know I'm going down
But will you pick me up
Or will you leave me on the ground
I lead you to believe it's only you and me
I can see it your eyes
That you found out this time 

Song 3: Over and Over
by Three Days Grace

I have saved the best for last! Over and Over is perhaps my favorite song by Three Days Grace, because it speaks to three things, and hits notes for me on three entirely different levels. These describes:
  1. Jekyll's addiction to becoming Hyde.
  2. How, ever since its creation, our culture keeps returning to Jekyll and Hyde for inspiration, adapting it repeatedly over the course of the last century.
  3. Personal obsession with something. In my case, my fascination with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
 So without further ado...

Listen to Over and Over on the Myspace player
I feel it every day, it's all the same
It brings me down but I'm no one to blame
I've tried everything to get away

So here I go again,
Chasing you down again.
Why do I do this?

Over and over, over and over
I fall for you
Over and over, over and over
I try not to

Over and over, over and over
You make me fall for you
Over and over, over and over
You don't even try

It feels like everyday stays the same
It's dragging me down
And I can't pull away

So here I go again
Chasing you down again
Why do I do this?
Over and over, over and over
I fall for you
Over and over, over and over
I try not to

Over and over, over and over
You make me fall for you
Over and over, over and over
You don't even try
So many thoughts that I can't get out of my head
I try to live without you, every time I do I feel dead
I know what's best for me but I want you instead
I'll keep on wasting all my time
More to come! All suggestions are welcome.

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