Monday, September 13, 2010

The Other Jekyll & Hyde Musical (with Kirk Douglas) Song 2

Song 2: The Way the World was Meant to Be

This song really epitomizes just why this Musical didn't work with most audiences - it's silly, far too upbeat, and it not only makes fun of itself, society and Jekyll and Hyde but it has fun doing it. This type of song could only really appeal to people who liked Jekyll and Hyde enough to welcome the humor it brings to the genre, people who liked comedic peppy musicals regardless of content or some other small niche audiences. Seriously contrasting this song with Facade, from the Broadway Musical, would be an interesting venture.
Also, sorry if I've not copied out all the lyrics perfectly, but I recorded them purely by ear and some of them were hard to decipher and even completely inaudible. If anyone else would like to fill in some of the gaps in the lyrics I'd sore appreciate it.


Every gentleman tips his hat,
 Every lady is wearing lace,
Man 2:
Every properly perfect person in his perfectly proper place!
Every molly is on his tunes
Every nanny behind a pram!
And I meself am tipping t'wards the tinnest??
other man:
??inaudible words??
first man:
Precisely who I am!
This is the way 'tis always been
this is is the way 'tis always been.
 You are you and I am me
and that my boy is destiny!
 the way the world was meant to be,
The way the world was meant to be!
*Jekyll and Isabelle chat*

Chorus (people in insane asylum)
Every cobbler is stitching boots,
Every grinder is grinding knives,
We are properly perfect people living perfectly proper lives
Every gentleman's known as Sir,
Every lady is called Madam
Queen Victoria in a Straitjacket:
And I they say am at ?tee greem?
But they'll regret that they've been mean
They locked me up and I'm the Queen!
Precisely who she am!
Asylum Overseer:
This is the way 'tis always been.
This is the way 'twill always be.
They are they,
and we are we
and that, my friend is destiny.
The way the world is meant to be\
The way the world was meant to be
This is the way 'tis always been.
This is the way 'twill always be.
They are they,
and we are we
Asylum Overseer:
And that my friend, is destiny!
The way the world was meant to be.
Jekyll:  (speaking)
no sir, it's not destiny. It's chemistry.

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