Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Life's Been in the Way

I know I haven't been on recently, but I've just been swamped by the pressures and stresses of life lately. Being a college student means final tests and projects to deal with, and they all ended up happening within a two-day period, so last week I was just buggered trying to complete projects, study and deal with my increasing sickness. But now I'm done, it's all over, and I have a good-sized break to re-acquaint myself with my hobbies and obsessions, interact and generally fart around. Hooray!

Over the course of my winter break, I'm planning to update this blog much more. I still have to talk about some of my other obsessions and interests, link to the newest Jekyll & Hyde themed videos on my Youtube channel, and maybe even get around to reviewing some things. I hope you stick around and enjoy the fun!

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