Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Youtube Channel - Jekyll & Hyde uploads

If you're a person who's interested in Jekyll & Hyde film adaptations, I would highly recommend you go take a look at my Youtube channel, under the username of albernom. I would've named it Obsessimon too had I not created the account before I created this blog, but what's done is done, and youtube usernames are unchangeable.

Anyways, why should you visit my channel? Because as a fan and avid collector of Jekyll and Hyde adaptations, the internet has been an incredible resource for expanding my collection without diminishing my wallet. As someone who has benefited so much by the generosity of others, I'm giving back to the internet by contributing films from my collection.

My hope is to upload those Jekyll and Hyde movies which do not as of yet exist on the internet, or which can only be found through extensive searching in the most remote corners of cyberspace. I want them to be seen, and hopefully enjoyed, by those who would otherwise not get the opportunity.

I'm trying to go with some of the older films at the moment, the ones which I'm pretty sure films companies won't care enough about to hunt me down and force me to take down my uploads. I may move into newer films, but only with care. Some of the newer ones are obscure, but are made by independent film companies or amateurs, not giant corporations, and I'd genuinely feel bad showing their films in their entirety for free. Maybe clips or scenes, but anything more than that I'll have to consider carefully.

So far I have uploaded The Jekyll and Hyde Musical starring Kirk Douglas, which otherwise could only be watched by finding and purchasing a copy of it on VHS at considerable cost. However, I obtained it, digitized it, and have posted it on my channel. You can't know how hard it was for me to do that, when the feeling of being one of the few people in the world to have it and have the ability to watch it, and probably the only person to ever have digitized it, is so deliciously enjoyable. >.< But it's just so goofy and hilarious, I think every Jekyll and Hyde fan should be allowed to enjoy it.

I have also uploaded another Jekyll and Hyde movie that's, similarly, a digitized version of a rare VHS, the J&H film starring Anthony Andrews. This film is one of my favorites, and again my desire for the world to be able to see and share in Andrews' brilliant performance won out over my greedy nerdish desire to hog it all for myself.

I have also attempted to upload the short Veggie Tale Jekyll and Hyde spoof, titled "Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly", but the only thing I was able to upload was the introduction to it, since the audio track for the short itself was apparently copyright WGM, and wouldn't work, despite several tries. I will try to find another site to upload it on, and if I succeed I will definitely post a link to it, here and on youtube.

I have plans to cut up & upload several Jekyll and Hyde films in the (hopefully near) future. Some of the films I'm considering to upload include the rare BBC made-for television Jekyll & Hyde film starring David Hemmings, the 2002 JH film starring the hilariously hammy John Hannah, The french adapatation Docteur Cordelier (with english subtitles), Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, The film starring Michael Cain, and possibly the Two Faces of Doctor Jekyll (I think it's already been uploaded, but I'm not sure). Oooh, and maybe the adaptation "I, Monster" starring Christopher Lee.
I also really, really want to upload the adaptation starring Jack Palance because it's one of my favorites, but for some reason my video of it keeps becoming all choppy in the 2nd half, and I've tried to digitize the DVD several times but it keeps doing that. The second I get a working video of it, I'll post it, but until then I'll just have to work on others.

So go check out my channel, subscribe if you'd like to get updated whenever I upload a new Jekyll & Hyde film, and if you have any requests for Jekyll and Hyde movies or scenes you'd like to see, just let me know! If it's related to Jekyll and Hyde, I've probably got it.

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