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Jekyll & Hyde Resources: Books and Dramas

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde RESOURCES:
Books and Dramas

Main Resource Page

Transcripts of the original story, as well as various adaptations or rewritten versions of it in the form of books or dramas.

Host: Mediafire
Scans of an excellent adapted play of Jekyll and Hyde, avalable for download as a Winzip file. You will need to have Winzip in order to open it.
Comments: An adaptation that, while imperfect, has moments of brilliance and insight into the characters. Features two separate actors playing Jekyll and Hyde, which I prefer because it means that Jekyll and Hyde are able to interact with each other dynamically, and it gives more of a feeling of duality. I very much recommend it to any J+H fan who hasn't seen a Jekyll and Hyde play (not a musical) and is interested in getting a feel for one.

Host: Google Books ( LimitedPreview)
A partial preview of the adapted play by Jules Tasca.
Comments: An interesting adaptation that plays on the idea of duality using the entire cast of characters, not just the main man/men. For instance, it features a maid and a butler that play as jekyll's conscience, and Carew has two daughters, one obedient and the other rebellious. Not perfect, but has its moments of brilliance. Sadly, the preview chops off a good bit of the end.

Host: Playscripts Inc.
A partial preview of an adapted play by Noah Smith.
Comments: Another interesting take on the story. It really brings in the characters of Enfield and Lanyon more than the others, and really uses them as characters in the plot, and it also has more prostitutes.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
The full original text of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, available online for free.
Comments: Although the text can be found on a vast number of different websites, these are some of the better ones. These sites don’t have annoying pop-ups, distracting banners, confusing layouts, etc.

A short book which details Mr. Utterson brooding after Jekyll's death, and then coming across the will of Edward Hyde, and the real secret behind the whole affair. Very short.
Comments: The spin which this book gives the whole story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is highly unusual, and also a bit of a stretch. Still, it's unique and very short, so read it and see what you think.

The full text of Dr. jekyll and Mr. Hyde with illustrations.

The full script from one of the very first adapted stage performances of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Available in several different formats.
Comments: Not one of the best plays I've read (it's very sensationalist and a bit shallow) but it's one of the first, so that's pretty much expected.

The full Japanese translation of the Stevenson's novel "the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". An audio reading of it is also available in the Audio section.
Comments: If you happen to read Japanese, or you're trying to learn, give this a spin.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde translated into Yiddish.
Comments: If you happen to read Yiddish, this should be interesting. Otherwise, it's still pretty cool. Uninetelligable, but cool.

Janice Greene's adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, available in pdf format.
CommentsI find the cover to be hilarious.

The book "Hyde" by Barry Friedman, which incorporates enough Jekyll and Hyde themes, though it is not a true adaptation of the story, to be included here.

Have anything you think should be included as a resource? Submit a text to be added to the list on the Resource Page! Also, if any of the links are broken, please let me know.

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