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Jekyll & Hyde Resources: Miscellaneous and Games

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde RESOURCES:
Miscellaneous and Games

Main Resource Page

Links to JH-related things - fansites, musical lyrics, clips, fanfiction, manga, almost anything even remotely on topic - that doesn't fall into any other resource categories. Also included (at the bottom) is the section on J&H games, which is too small to really be given its own page.

Jekyll & Hyde Musical Theatre Audition help
A site which can guide and assist those auditioning for a performance of the Jekyll & Hyde Musical, with a few useful links to places to purchase sheet music and karaoke soundtracks online.

The Jekyll & Hyde Musical forum on

The section of the Frank Wildhorn Fan forums dedicated to Jekyll & Hyde. If you're a Musical fan, you might like to join.

Jekyll & Hyde Musical Fansite
An Essential Resource for any and all fans of the Jekyll and Hyde Musical. It has information about history of the musical, various productions that have been held all over the world, and updates with news about future productions and shows. Check it out!

Another Jekyll and Hyde Musical fansite
Another fansite for the Jekyll & Hyde Musical.

Jekyll & Hyde Musical Midi Sheet Music
Host: Hamienet
A place where you can listen to and download various Midi versions of the Musical Songs, as well as find sheet music for them.
Comments: Although the real sheet music for Jekyll & Hyde is not available for free download on the internet, these Midi versions are available, though it isn't quite the same.

Jikiru de Haido na Kare (A Jekyll and Hyde Boy  or  A Jekyll and Hyde Boyfriend)
A manga about a girl whose boyfriend has two personalities inside him. While by no means a true adaptation of the story, it does have a few similarities. Contains mature content.
Comments: A bit smutty and very shoujo-esque, but cute nonetheless.

Host: MangaFox
Though not Jekyll and Hyde based, it strongly resembles it. Yaya is a shy girl with little willpower or courage, Nana is a strong, willful and charismatic girl with a passion for punishing evildoers, and while complete opposites of each other, they are both one and the same. Instead of drinking an elixir, their personalities switch whenever one of them looks into a mirror.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on FFnet
Host: Fan Fiction.Net
Most of the available Jekyll and Hyde work on, excluding most of the crossovers. More can be found by using the search bar at the top of the screen, if you want crossovers too. If the page you're on turns into a full-page ad, just refresh it to get it back to normal.

Jekyll and Hyde Fanfiction
Host: Jekyll.20
A Jekyll and Hyde fan site that contains many submitted fanfiction stories, and which is also open to new submissions.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: a lecture on Christianity and Morality
Part 1 - What's Your Problem?
Part 2 - Self-Help Won't Cut It
Part 3 - Finding the BEST Me
Part 4 - Change that Will Last
Part 5 - What if I Mess Up Again?
A lecture by Keystone Church about applying Jekyll and Hyde to ourselves, to God, to faith and morality, and to changing for the better.
Comments: Normally not my cup of tea, but Keystone Church is a good speaker and makes some interesting points, even to an atheist like myself. If you're Christian or you like Keystone Church, then you'll probably like it more.
It's also really cute how he uses the signature script from the Musical to illustrate his points throughout his presentation. You can really tell that, even if he's not a full-on Jekyll and Hyde fan, he's done his research.

JH Games:

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The Strange Case (Extended Version) - Hidden Object Game
Another hidden object game that plays off of the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in the extended edition.
Comments: Not nearly the worst of the two Jekyll and Hyde hidden object games in existence. This one may not be great, but it's certainly much more palatable than the other one included here. The character design and story are below average, but the background art is good, ahe hidden object games and mini-games at least try to relate to the story, unlike the other game, and aren't horribly difficult.

The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde v1.1 - Hidden Object Game
A hidden object game created in 2010 that plays on the story of Jekyll and Hyde. If this link doesn't work for you, this game is downloadable on all sorts of other websites.
Comments: The story is done alright and the graphics are excellent, but if you don't find the thought of trying to pick out odd objects from landscapes and click on them for hours on end, it might not be your thing. It would've been a bit more tolerable, I think, if the objects that were hidden made any sense.

Jekyll & Hyde (2010)
The Jekyll & Hyde Computer Game (by bitComposer) released in 2010, available for download. Can also be purchased on amazon or ebay.
If you have installed this game but are having some trouble getting through it, I found a very thorough and useful Walkthrough for it, which helped me immensely.

Have anything you think should be included as a resource? Submit links to miscellaneous JH-related things to be added to the list on the Resource Page! Also, if any of the links are broken, please let me know.

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