Saturday, March 5, 2011

Updates: Resources and Plans

As you may or may not have already noticed, I've published a number of pages full of Jekyll and Hyde-related online resources. There's a main page up on the top bar which links to all of the other resource pages, and then each of the individual resource category pages were uploaded to the blog itself.

This resource collection page was started by the administrator of a Jekyll & Hyde Fan Club over on deviantart. She has graciously allowed me to partially take over this project, include the information here on this site, and to use the format she had previously laid out. I think it's a great idea, and very useful for any Jekyll and Hyde fans. I hope for the expansion of the resource lists to be an ongoing project, and I invite anyone who wants to share links to online resources that have not already be included here to do so.

Besides that, I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment - midterms, other blogs, other projects - so I may not be able to work on this site as much as I'd like. I still want to keep uploading Jekyll and Hyde movies to my youtube and Veoh accounts as regularly as possible, since that's pretty easy. I also have yet to finish uploading pages of song lyrics from the Kirk Douglas Jekyll & Hyde Musical, and if I am able to make some good progress on those then I'd like to start writing reviews of Jekyll and Hyde adaptations, and sharing some of my observations and studies about recurring elements and tropes within the Jekyll & Hyde mythos.

To share some other exciting news, my collection has recently reached and passed the 100 mark, making it (I would venture to guess) one of the largest collections of Jekyll & Hyde Adaptations ever, and branding me forever as a giant nerd. Go me!!

Also, adding to my collection I've acquired some lovely obscure adaptations that I especially want to give some attention. For instance, I've recently been reading the adapted Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde book by Samantha Lee (published by Fleshcreepers), which is one of the few truly rewritten (not just abridged) book versions of the tale. It's also the only book I can think of that plays more into what I call the "Jekyll & Hyde: Mistress & Bride" mythos rather than the story from the original novel. It's incredibly cheesy, but certainly not a horrible book, and is really interesting in the changes and new dynamics it brings to the story and characters. Once I have the time, I definitely want to share what I thought about it. 

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