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Jekyll & Hyde Resources: Videos and Full Length Movies

 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde RESOURCES:
Videos and Full-Length Movies

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Jekyll & Hyde related movies that are available to watch online for free, now arranged in order of date, from earliest to latest.

Full-Length Movies:

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1912)
Host: Vimeo
A short film adaptation starring James Cruze in the dual role.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1913)
The 1913 black & white silent film starring William King Baggot.
Because there is no clear movie cover for such an old film, to the left is a picture of Baggot himself.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) John Barrymore
Host 1: Veoh
Host 2: Youtube (1 of 9 parts), Youtube (full movie)
Host 3:
Host 4: stagevu
The 1920 adaptation starring John Barrymore. Henry Jekyll is a much-admired man who becomes fascinated with the two contrasting sides of human nature. After being brought to see the dancer Gina, he is corrupted by his desire and with his formula, becomes the hideous Mr. Hyde. This leads his life in a downward spiral that eventually leads to murder and suicide.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) Fredric March
Host 1: Novamov
Host 2: Stagevu
Host 3: Youtube
The classic film adaptation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde made in 1931 starring Fredric March in the dual role.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)
The 1941 black & white adaptation starring Spencer Tracy, that is largely based off of the 1931 film featuring Fredric March. A classic film, and one which is worthy viewing material for every Jekyll and Hyde fan.

Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951)
Host: Sockshare Part 1, Sockshare Part 2
A hard-to-find old film created in 1951, directed by Seymour Friedman and starring Louis Hayward as Edward Jekyll, the son of the infamous Dr. Jekyll. Edward is raised by Mr. Utterson after Dr. Jekyll's death, and the secret of his true heritage is kept from him until he is an adult. Learning of his parents and the Jekyll estate which he has inherited, he goes to visit Dr. Jekyll's laboratory, only to get caught up in a mysterious and shady turn of events.

Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953)
Host: Youtube
Abbott and Costello are learning about the British police force and come along on an investigation of the workings of Dr. Jekyll, who is rumored to have created an experimental drug that turns humans into animals. Weird, wacky shenanigans ensue. Mostly a humorous movie that uses the Jekyll & Hyde story, though it does explore an idea that very few JH adaptation have adressed - namely, that Jekyll could inject his drug into other people in order to divert attention from himself.

Climax - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1955)
Host 1:
Host 2:
The 1955 Jekyll and Hyde film starring Michael Rennie, available to watch on youtube and to watch or download on

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957)
Host: Sockshare
A film about the daughter of Dr. Jekyll who learns of her heritage and returns to her father's house, as she has inherited it. While staying there, she begins to believe that she may also have a split personality which is committing murders in the area.

Le testament du Docteur Cordelier (1959)
Host: youtube
The French adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde (with English subtitles) directed by Jean Renoir and starring Jean-Louis Barrault.

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (1960)
Host 1: Youtube
Host 2: Putlocker

Host 3: Sockshare
The 1960 film "The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll" (a.k.a. Jekyll's Inferno or House of Fright) directed by James Fisher and starring Paul Massie in the dual role. In it, Jekyll is an introverted man who neglects his wife and social life in favor of his experiments. When Jekyll transforms into the handsome, charismatic Hyde he finally attends an upper-class party that he otherwise would have avoided. There he finds his wife, Kitty, is having an affair with another man, played by Christopher Lee. A tale of love, transformation, struggle and revenge.

The Nutty Professor (1963, Jerry Lewis)
Host: Multiple links available on the page for this film at
The original Nutty Professor movie which puts a comedic spin on a Jekyll and Hyde sort of tale, starring Jerry Lewis in the dual role of nerdy, socially awkward professor and his completely inconsiderate but charming alter ego.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Jack Palance - 1968
Host 1: Novamov: 1st Half of Movie - 2nd Half of Movie
Host 2: Novamov: Part 1/8 (with working audio)
Host 3: Youtube: Parts 2/8 - 7/8 (you can skip part 1 - the audio is disabled)
Host 4: Veoh: Part 8/8
Host 5: Novamov: Part 8/8
The film adaptation of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from 1968 starring Jack Palance in the dual role.

Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971)
Host 1: Novamov
Host 2: Putlocker 1, Putlocker 2
Host 3: Sockshare
The young Dr. Jekyll is able to vastly extend the lifespan of a fly by injecting it with female hormones extracted from young girls' corpses, which also turns the fly female. He then tests it on himself, and transforms into a beautiful woman. Soon, Jekyll runs out of hormones and the morgue runs out of female bodies, and so Mrs Hyde kills women on the streets of London, becoming known as Jack the Ripper.

I, Monster (Christopher Lee, 1971)
Host: Youtube
A Jekyll and Hyde movie in all but name (probably changed to avoid paying royalties), in which the psychologist and Scientist Dr. Marlowe become Mr. Blake.
Comments: A very interesting adaptation, definitely worth a watch. Christopher Lee makes a very creepy Hyde, and an interesting Jekyll.

The Jekyll and Hyde TV Musical - Kirk Douglas (1972)
Host: youtube
This is NOT the musical you know - this is the comedic Jekyll and Hyde Musical from 1972, starring Kirk Douglas.

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976)
Host 1: stagevu
Host 2: Putlocker
The 1976 blaxploitation film adaptation of the story. Warning: contains mature content.

 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - David Hemmings (1980)
Host: youtube
An adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde produced by the BBC, in which the old Dr. Jekyll transforms himself into the cool, charming and conscience-less Edward Hyde.

(Bloodbath of) Dr Jekyll (et Les Femmes, and His Women, and Mrs Osborne)
Host 1: Novamov Part 1, Novamov Part 2
Host 2: Putlocker Part 1, Putlocker Part 2
The 1981 film about Dr Jekyll a collection of guests all staying in his house. At first, everything is going splendidly, and then people start getting attacked. Starring Udo Kier as Jekyll and Gérard Zalcberg as Hyde. Sorry about the subs on the video, and the low quality, but neither can be changed. Contains mature content.

Jekyll and Hyde: Together Again (1982)

Host: (split into parts)
A very silly parody of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, available to watch on youtube in 4 parts.

Edge of Sanity -Anthony Perkins - 1989
Host 1: Novamov
Host 2: Putlocker
The film Edge of Sanity starring Anthony Perkins (famous for his role as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho") in the dual role. In this movie, Hyde is also Jack the Ripper. Contains very mature violent and sexual content, and lots of drug use. It's a wonderfully disturbing, interesting and unique adaptation, and I highly recommend it.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 1989 - Anthony Andrews
Host: Putlocker (full)
Host: Youtube Playlist (movie in 4 parts)
The film from 1989 starring Anthony Andrews (who has played such roles as the Scarlet Pimpernel and James Moriarty) as Henry Jekyll, who is a rather meek older man who finds himself being put down by his acquaintances and colleagues, and so summons up the muster to try a potion of his own creation, he transforming into a young man, utterly confident and utterly sadistic. An excellent, if short adaptation.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Michael Caine (1990)
Host: youtube
The 1990 film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring Michael Caine. In it, the recent widower Dr. Jekyll begins to develop a relationship with his deceased wife's sister, as he makes a habit of using his formula to prowl the streets of London as the deformed and hideous Edward Hyde. Meanwhile, a team of police are investigating Hyde, and attempting to catch him for his crimes and uncover his secrets.

Dr Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995)
Host 1: Novamov
Host 2: Putlocker
Host 3: More links available at the page for this movie at
 A young scientist, Dr. Jacks, thinks he's to win a fortune when his wealthy grandfather passes away, but all he gets left with is a journal of scientific notes. He studies them and is able to complete Henry Jekyll's unfinished formula. Testing it on himself, he turns into the beautiful, intelligent and crafty Ms. Hyde, who will do anything for power, and she won't stop until she's taken over the company, as well as Jacks' mind.

Mary Reilly (1996)
Host 1: Putlocker 1, Putlocker 2
Host 2: find more links to this movie on its page at
The 1996 film Mary Reilly starring Julia Roberts and John Malkovich, which follows the life of Dr. Jekyll's maid Mary and her experiences in the household of and relationship with both the doctor and his alter ego. Malkovich does well in both roles, and makes for a deliciously snarky Hyde. It's based off of a novel by the same name written by Valerie Martin, and I highly recommend that any fans of the film read the book - it's very, very good.

The Nutty Professor - Eddie Murphy (1996)
Host: Multiple links and versions available at
The 1999 reworking of the original Nutty Professor film starring Eddie Murphy in the dual role.
Also, here is the page on the same site as the link about that links to multiple hosted versions of the sequel to this film, the Nutty Professor II: The Klumps Uncensored.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Animated Version) (1999)
Host 1: Novamov
Host 2: Putlocker 1, Putlocker 2
Host 3: Sockshare
An animated cartoon version of Jekyll and Hyde 50 minutes long. Very much oriented to children, and very cheesy, but nonetheless fun.

the Jekyll & Hyde Broadway Musical (2001)
Host: Youtube, 16 parts
The entirety of David Hasslehoff's performance of the Jekyll & Hyde Broadway Musical, created by Frank Wildhorn. An adaptation which incorporates elements from many Jekyll and Hyde films that have come before it, and brings them to life in a unique way that only Broadway can achieve.
Jekyll and Hyde (2002)
Host 1: Novamov
Host 2: Putlocker
Host 3: Sockshare 1, Sockshare 2
This is the made-for-TV movie adaptation of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde starring John Hannah in the dual role. When the mental patient Dr. Jekyll wishes to use a test subject for his new drug dies before his arrival, Jekyll takes it himself and goes out under the patient's name: Edward Hyde. The film explores a wealth of secondary characters and subplots, and has a rather unique approach to the story. It is also incredibly cheesy.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Mark Redfield) from 2002
Host 1: Putlocker
Host 2: Sockshare
A film adaptation converted from a play by Mark Redfield, who directed it, wrote it and starred in it. An interesting but altogether cheesy and rather clumsy film.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
Host 1: Novamov
Host 2: Putlocker 1, Putlocker 2, Sockshare
For more links, go to this film's page at
The film adaptation of the comic by the same name (which is also available for download on the comic resources page) which tells of the adventures of a team made up of characters from classic movies or literature for the most part, including the Invisible Man, Dorian Gray and Dr. Jekyll (and of course, Hyde along with him).

Jekyll and Hyde: the True Story (2004)
Host: Veoh
A documentary about how the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde came into being. It includes details about Robert Louis Stevenson’s life and what defined him, horrified him and inspired him to make the story.

Jacqueline Hyde (2005)

Host: Multiple links to this movie can be found at its page on
Jacqueline Hyde inherits a rich but spooky mansion from her deceased grandfather. There, in a secret lab, Jacqueline finds a formula her grandfather created that allows a person to change their body in any way they want. Since Jacqueline is rather plain, she decides to become other beautiful women, and runs off to have lots of sex. However, Jacqueline finds her personality changes with each new form she takes, and these new personalities start taking over her life.

Jekyll + Hyde (2006)
Host 1: Novamov
Host 2: Putlocker 1, Putlocker 2
The modern adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde, in which Bryan Fisher is Henry "J" Jekyll, a medical student who creates a dangerous drug. The film not only focuses on him, but also his group of friends and how their number keeps reducing. While not quite a traditional adaptation of the story, it is nonetheless surprisingly good.

Jekyll (2007, TV Series)
Host 1: TV Links
Host 2: multiple links to this series available on its page on
Tom Jackman (played by James Nesbitt) has a Jekyll & Hyde-like "condition." To survive, he makes a deal with his dark side in which they will share their body. However, after hiring some help, mysterious forces and shady organizations begin to creep into the Doctor's life - and only they know the truth about Jackman's mysterious past. Written by Steven Moffat, 6 episodes long.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2008)
Host 1: Putlocker 1, Putlocker 2
Host 2: Ustream
Host 3: WatchMovies
Host 4: Yahoo Part A, Part B, Part C
Host 5: Stagevu 1, Stagevu 2, Stagevu 3,
A modern adaptation of the Jekyll and Hyde, starring Dougray Scott. Dr. Jekyll is a scientist who releases his dark side who goes on a murder spree. Jekyll must hurry to create an antidote to constrain Hyde before it's too late.  For more links to this film, go to the page for it on

The Nutty Professor - the animated movie (2008)
Host: multiple links and versions available at
A sort of a sequel to the original Nutty Professor movie, centered around the Professor's young grandson, who finds out how to make his grandfather's formula and transforms to become a cool kid in order to impress a girl he likes. Animated in 3D.


Dr Pyckle and Mr. Pride
A black and white short film starring Stan Laurel as Dr Pyckle and Mr Pride which parodies the Jekyll and Hyde film adaptations that came before it. Nineteen minutes long. Very comical and silly.

Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly (Veggie Tales)
Inroduction: youtube
Full Movie: veoh
This is the Veggie Tales short movie "Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly", a cute, silly adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Ruffus the Dog - Dr Ruffus and Mr Snide (1998)
A short episode from the Canadian childrens TV show Ruffus the Dog, in which Ruffus and his friends act out their own version of Stevenson's tale, complete with a song. Very cute, definitely worth a watch.

Wishbone: Mixed Breeds (the Jekyll & Hyde episode)
Watch the Full Episode
Only Jekyll & Hyde Parts
An episode of the childrens' show Wishbone in which Wishbone the dog takes on the role of Utterson in the Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Into the Labyrinth - Jekyll and Hyde themed Episode
Host 1: Novamov
An episode of an old British TV series in which the characters seem to travel about trying to acquire or protect magical objects in various time periods and places, and sometimes stories. In this case, the episode incorporates the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Even if you don't know the series, it's still a fun watch.

HydeCorner's Youtube Page
Host: Youtube
A Youtube channel with a whole bunch of Jekyll and Hyde stuff. (The Musical) Not just Cuccioli and Evan, but performances from Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Rob Evan's Performance of 'Lost in the Darkness' and 'Façade' from the Musical
Host: Veoh
Approximately 9 minutes from the beginning of Rob Evan's performance of the Broadway Musical.

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  1. Very good collection - I'll put it in the next Stevenson Newsletter associated with You'll find a listing there of JH films (works > derivative works > films) - but your blog contains a very valuable work of links--well done!

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  2. Wow amazing! thank you!

    All though, I will say I like the "Frederich March." 1931 Jekyll and Hyde way more than the "Trencer Spacy." 1941.

    I mean.. if you look at them they are simply the same movie, using the same script, dialogue and even sets and camera ankles. Only the Trancer Spacy version was made after the new movie legal system ensuring it couldn't be dangerouse nor sexy.
    The Frederich March one is just... better.
    His Jekyll as more interesting as a cocky idealistic scientist as well as Hyde who is almost like a monkey, all his wantings released.. I do believe there's a reason why Frederich March won an oscar for best male lead for that movie (it's true.)

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