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Jekyll & Hyde Resources: Articles and Comprehension Guides

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde RESOURCES:

Articles and Comprehension Guides
Various websites and articles that can help readers to understand the story of Jekyll and Hyde, and consider it from different perspectives and in different contexts.

Host: Geocities
A site created by Jason Huddleston that contains a number of articles exploring the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the gay subtext within its plot, language and characters.
Comments A very interesting read. It really brings up a lot of interesting comparisons and details to support its theories. I learned quite a bit about Victorian history, London and its gay subculture. Thorough and well-written, although the website's design and layout is rather poor.

A lengthy guide on ways to teach the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Comments: Surprisingly interesting. I would recommend it to any big fans of the book over the student guides, since those tend to be for people who're reading the story for the first time, while this one is about really analyzing and comprehending it, and also connecting it to history, other literature, etc. Very good.

A study guide for the book which provides discussion prompts, an author bio, and many different worksheets. PDF.

Cliffsnotes book for Jekyll and Hyde. Provides a story summary, author bio, character list and analysis, quiz, essay questions and homework help. Also decribe the events in the story by chapter, though not the actual original text.
Comments: The book is skewed towards a very simplistic interpretation of the text that teachers or students may easily comprehend, but ignores many of the more subtle and complex elements of both the plot and characters.

The Sparknotes guide for the book, including chapter summaries, character analysis, etc.

Have anything you think should be included as a resource? Submit links to miscellaneous JH-related things to be added to the list on the Resource Page! Also, if any of the links are broken, please let me know.

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